Xamarin iOS and Android End-to-end testing

The Goods

Installation on Windows

  • Ruby 1.9.2 -> install it (x86 version)
  • DevKit -> extract it -> run "devkitvars.bat"
  • ANSICON -> add to your path -> run:
ansicon.exe -i
gem install cucumber
gem install rspec


Createing Android Tests

generate a skeleton:
calabash-android gen
Note the location of your Signed APK file that is generated by Xamarin
Create a .bat file that will run your tests


calabash-android run ../MyMobileApp/MyMobileApp/bin/Debug/com.somename.mymobileapp-Signed.apk
Add a Login Feature
  • In the folder structure /features/ create a new feature:


Feature: Login feature

  Scenario: As a valid user I can log into my app
    When I press "Login"
    Then I see "Specific Text on Next Activity Screen"
  • In the folder structure /features/step_definitions/ create a new file:


require 'calabash-android/calabash_steps'
require 'calabash-android/operations'
extend Calabash::Android::Operations

Given(/^I try to login$/) do 
  tap("button marked:'Login'")

Then(/^I should see the error message "(.*?)"$/) do |my_message|
  text_view = query("textView marked:'myTextView' {text CONTAINS '#{my_message}'}")
  raise "The configuration message '#{my_message}' is not visible in the View." unless text_view.any?

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