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  • Indexes are server-side functions that define using which fields (and what values) document can be searched on and are the only way to satisfy queries in RavenDB
  • Indexes in RavenDB


  • Commands are a set of low level operations that can be used to manipulate data and change configuration on a server.
  • Commands

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Why not to use the Repository Pattern


  • Session lifetime management is an infrastructure concern and should be handled at different level
  • Initialise your session once at the beginning of HTTP request.
  • Close your session at the end of HTTP request.
  • Reuse the session across all operations
  • How to config session in MVC - This is a good article, with the exception of the IOC stuff.
  • Uses the UnitOfWork pattern
  • Changes will only be persisted when SaveChanges() is called
  • Writes are batched
  • Sample from: RavenDB Docs
// Saving changes using the session API
using (IDocumentSession session = store.OpenSession())
	// Operations against session

	// Flush those changes


  • Don't use mocking with RavenDB. Use the code snipped below instead.
new EmbeddableDocumentStore{ RunInMemory =true  }.Initialize();


  • If a page size value is not specified, the length of the results will be limited to 128 results
  • Hard limit to the page size of 1,024 results on the server side

Storing Objects

RavenDB and Nancy