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Nancy Visual Studio Extensions

Nancy Async Await

Steps for NancyFx in a new Project

  • Create a new ASP.NET empty website
  • Install the Nuget package
Install-Package Nancy
  • Configure Katana by following these steps
  • Create a HelloWorld module
public class HelloModule : NancyModule
        public HelloModule()
            Get["/"] = parameters => "Hello World";

Poco Classes


Dapper Extensions
Install-Package DapperExtensions

Install-Package Dapper.SimpleCRUD

Dapper.Rainbow ?

Dapper dot net async
Install-Package Dapper-Async

Dapper.Contrib - Tracks Entities
Dapper.Rainbow - Basic Crud

Swapping out the Default JSON Serializer

Install-Package Nancy.Serialization.JsonNet

Testing Nancy

Hosting Nancy

File System

  • Equivant to Server.MapPath("~/") for Nancy
  • Original Answer here: stack overflow
use IRootPathProvider
call GetRootPath()
Then use Path.Combine()

Request Pipeline Logging

The OmniSharp Server Bootstrapper shows a fantastic example of logging incoming and outgoing web requests.