Getting the WebStorm Environment Setup

Install Node on Mac OSX

Download Node.js and run the installer

Node should install to:


npm should install to:


Ensure that /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH.
You can check this via:

echo $PATH

If it's not in your path, then follow this tutorial on how to add it.

Install JavaScript Frameowrks Globally

sudo npm install -g bower 
npm install -g karma 
npm install -g mocha
npm install -g cucumber


  • Download JSTestDriver here
  • This comes bundled in WebStorm (Preferences -> Plugins)

Configure AngularJS Brower Packages in WebStorm

  1. Open WebStorm
  2. Open Options -> Languages and Frameworks -> Bower -> Click the "+" icon
  3. Search for "Angular"
  4. To install AngularJS globally, add a "-g" to the options

Running Karma Tests

Bower API Docs


bower update <name>