Deploying Angular Fullstack to Heroku

Download Heroku ToolBelt

Heroku Toolbelt Download

Authenticate with Heroku

heroku auth:login


yo angular-fullstack:heroku

Add MongoDB

Add MongoDB to Heroku only if you are using it
Verify your account at:

cd dist
heroku addons:create mongolab

Configuring Domains

You will need to add your root domain

heroku domains:add

You will also need to add any sub domains (if applicable)

heroku domains:add

See heroku domain documentation for details of how to configure your DNS.

To view existing domains

heroku domains

Set domain environment variable

Set the environment variable for your domain

cd dist

sample heroku domain

heroku config:set

sample custom domain

heroku config:set

Future Deployments

grunt buildcontrol:heroku

Then, if you want to open it:

cd dist
grunt buildcontrol:heroku